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What's up Brussels?
What's up Belgium?

Brussels, more than fries
and the Grand Place

Brussels presents great historical, architectural, gastronomic, and cultural wealth - but it has much more to offer! Unique, welcoming and a bit quirky, Brussels is a vibrant, city where there is always something happening.  Expect the unexpected beyond French fries (what’s in a name…), waffles, sprouts and the little man standing proudly in his bare bottom next to the Grand Place.

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This week in Brussels

The many cultural and artistic activities taking place in Brussels throughout the year are as diverse as the city and its inhabitants.  They range from the classic to the experiential, from the groovy to the classic, immersive and informative.  Low key, high-brow, easy going or mind-boggling – there’s always something interesting to do. Check out the latest announcements, programs, and line-ups for the coming weeks.

This month in Brussels

There’s always something happening in and around Brussels.
Check out the links hereunder or try to go off the beaten path by talking to our staff, other guests and locals (we call them Bruseleirs)  and discover Brussels through a new and different perspective.
Enjoy all that the city has to offer!

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