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Are you located in the center of Brussels?

How can I get to The Classic by 2GO4 and The Legacy by 2GO4 hostels?

Is there a connection from Brussels South airport to the city center?

Rooms & beds

You’re a youth hostel – does it mean you only have dorms and I need to share my room?

Can I reserve a specific bed in a dormitory, eg bottom bunk bed?

Do the rooms have private bathrooms? And toilets?

I’m a woman traveling alone. Do you have female-only dorms also?

Can anyone book & stay in your hostels?

We hear that there are bedbug issues in Paris. Is this also a problem in your hostels?

Staying at THE CLASSIC by 2GO4 & THE LEGACY by 2GO4

How can I book a bed or a room in your hostel?

Do I need to check-in at the hostels, or can I do it all online?

Are children and pets allowed to stay at the hostels?

Do you accept reservations for larger groups?

Can I pay cash on arrival?

Do you accept changes to reservations?

Can I get a room without an on-line reservation?

General info & services

What are the check-in and check-out times?

Is there a curfew at the hostels?

Can I invite people that are not guests to the rooms?

Are there any spaces where I can smoke in the hostels?

Do you have a meeting room where I can work?

Is there specific wheelchair access at the hostels?

Can I store my bicycle while staying at the hostels?

Do I need to bring my own sleeping bag and towels?

How can I keep my belongings secure while staying at the hostel?

Does the hostel offer bathroom amenities?

Is there a breakfast buffet, lunch, and dinner service at the hostel?

I’m carrying some heavy luggage. Is there an elevator at the hostel?

Is there a kitchen I can use?

Are there laundry facilities on-site?

Do you have ironing facilities I can use?

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